Yellow is Unveiling the Future of 3D Creativity with Pioneering Technology and Strategic Partners

May 09, 2024

At Yellow, we stand at the forefront of a silent revolution in 3D technology. While the world marvels at advancements in natural language processing and 2D image generation, we are spearheading an equally transformative era in 3D creativity. Founded in 2023 and powered by seed funding of $5M from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), we are on a mission to redefine the boundaries of human expression through AI technology.

Our first product, YellowSculpt, exemplifies our commitment to innovation. This tool is a testament to what modern AI can achieve: it enables artists and designers to generate clean, animatable, pre-rigged 3D character meshes from a single line of text in under three minutes. YellowSculpt is not just a tool; it’s a leap toward making sophisticated 3D creation accessible, removing the painstaking, and often days-long, work of getting 3D characters ready for use in a game.

The journey to this point was not without challenges. CEO Mandeep Waraich, former Google, Head of Product: Core ML - Large Models and Industrial AI brought together luminaries in the field – Prof. Vincent Sitzmann from MIT’s Scene Representation Group, Prof. Chris Rupperecht from Oxford University’s Visual Geometry Group, and Prof. Ludwig Schmidt from Stanford’s Computer Vision group – to overcome significant technological hurdles to create a product that delivers consistent, high-quality results. The meshes produced by YellowSculpt are not mere representations; they are robust, usable assets that seamlessly integrate into leading game engines like Unity, Unreal and Roblox and other 3D authoring software like Daz Studio, Maya and Blender.

Feedback from industry leaders has been overwhelmingly positive. Tafi, a pioneer in 3D tooling with Daz Studio, recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Yellow, citing YellowSculpt’s unmatched capability to empower its character generation systems. AAA game studios, in their ongoing quest to find practical efficiencies, see Yellow as a beacon of possibility and innovation. As shared by Preston Woo, Tafi’s Chief Strategy Officer: “Given Tafi’s market position as a leading 3D tooling/asset marketplace, we have talked with many 3D generative AI tool companies in the market and we can confidently state what Yellow can do is unparalleled. They have that rare combination of strategic vision and best-in-class execution. So it was very easy for us to pursue a partnership with Yellow to strengthen our 3D capabilities by bringing in Yellow’s 3D AI technologies to power our 3D character generation system.” This partnership has also allowed Yellow to lead with an ethical and IP-safe approach to training an AI model, leveraging Daz’s 3D library, and specifically its Genesis Character Content, to train AI models that are producing outputs that are unparalleled in quality.

Our distributed team members, working from locations as varied as Palo Alto, Montreal, and Munich, are not just building tools, they are cultivating a culture of optimism and discovery. This ethos is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our work, from research to product development, and is something that our partners at a16z recognized and embraced from the outset.

“What sets Yellow apart is their focus on empowering human creativity through AI — they’re building tools that not only amplify today’s professional 3D artists but also make character creation accessible to all,” said Jack Soslow, Partner at a16z. “Yellow combines deep AI research capabilities with strong product and commercial instincts which we believe will enable the next chapter of human creativity.”

As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, our vision remains clear: to lower the barrier to entry for professional-quality 3D creation and make it as intuitive and accessible as typing a sentence or snapping a photo. “The more tools that we can put in the hands of people that allow them to imagine and express their ideas, experiences, and stories more vividly and authentically, the more we can see each other’s worlds and build upon them generatively. And that’s good for all of us! That’s how we build individual and collective understanding, appreciation, and celebration, and further our societies.” says Mandeep, articulating the vision for Yellow, which itself was named to commemorate a bright, optimistic, and sunshiney future for everyone.

The future we are building at Yellow is not just bright; it’s revolutionary. Stay tuned; the future of 3D creativity is being rewritten here at Yellow, and it is more vibrant than ever.

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