Fully web based parametric CAD engine and editor. With blazing fast render times (rebuilding the feature tree).

Interesting technologies: WebGL, ThreeJS

Current features:

  • open source, easy readable format
  • supported parametric features : sketches, extrudes

Still to be done:

  • Support of more features like: revolves, sweeps, chamfers, fillets, bends, lips, ..
  • Better editor
  • Server for supporting multi user editing
  • Server for exporting to various CAD formats like STEP

Investor story

A web based and open source CAD engine could revolutionize the way 3D designs are made. With the use of an advanced editor and websockets it becomes possible to design 3D models realtime with multiple persons. Imagine multiple engineers designing a CAD model with a realtime 3D view of the full model. Due to the online nature it makes sharing the progress a breeze of sending a link.


Development time



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