[:en]For our drone control software we have build several drones in-house to test the software and explore different use cases. Herein deserves our heavy payload quadcopter a special place in our labs. With more than 80 kg of payload or a flytime over 45 minutes its a very incredible and affordable unmanned aerial vehicle.

What has been done

Fully working prototype has been build

Current state

Testing phase


  • Modular, a quadcopter platform that can suit many purposes
  • Over 45 minutes flytime or up to 80 kg payload
  • Attach many sensors or equipment: video cameras, IR sensors, IR cameras, ..
  • Easy swapable batteries
  • Fully automatic / manual control with our drone control software
  • 4 K video
  • Controllable over Radio link up to 8 km or mobile networks like 4G, GPRS

Investor story

A quadcopter is the most affordable design to battle with a helicopter. Yet a helicopter is more efficient and has better manoeuvrability it is also multiple factors more complex and therefor more expensive.


Agriculture and transport.


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