Drones / Unmanned vehicles control software focused for the use of automatisation for farming and agricultural tasks.

Interesting technologies: Firmware to Server communication, Vision, Angular, Google Maps, Websockets, RethinkDB

Current state

Near working applications that soon enters a testing phase.

Current features:

  • realtime tracking of multiple drones (air, vehicle)
  • easy creation of missions, regions
  • connecting to multiple types of drones
  • maps / 3D view
  • creation of advanced dynamic missions

Investor story

In the past decades agriculture has been changed towards mechanization. Yet to revolutionize the way farming tasks are done we have created a visualizer and missions plan protocol to describe complex task. With a press of a button one of the connected drones can do various tasks depending on its capabilities.

Moreover the mission plan protocol allows for feedback from the environment. This allows for a much broader range of utilization of unmanned vehicles. Making it able to do advanced task like: mapping all your cows in specific area, transporting goods, watering plant of a certain color.


Development time

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